Chevrolet Spark Owners Manual: Menu System


The MENU/TUNE knob and BACK button
are used to navigate the menu system.


Turn to:

  • Highlight a menu option.
  • Select a value.

Press to:

  • Enter the menu system.
  • Select or activate the highlighted menu option.
  • Confirm a set value.
  • Turn a system setting on or off.


Press to:

  • Exit a menu.
  • Go back to the previous menu screen.
  • Delete the last character in a sequence.
  • Press and hold to delete the entire character sequence.


An arrow on the right-hand edge of the menu indicates that it has a submenu with other options.

Audio Settings

The audio settings can be set for each radio band and each audio player source.

Adjusting the Bass, Midrange, Treble, Fader, and Balance

  1. Press the TONE button.
  2. Turn the MENU/TUNE knob to the desired tone.
  3. Press the MENU/TUNE knob to select the desired tone.
  4. Turn the MENU/TUNE knob to adjust the desired tone.
  5. Press the MENU/TUNE knob to save the setting.
  6. Press the BACK button to go
    back to the Tone Settings menu.

Adjusting the EQ (Equalizer)

  1. Press the TONE button.
  2. Turn the MENU/TUNE knob to EQ.
  3. Press the MENU/TUNE knob.
  4. Turn the MENU/TUNE knob to one of the following, then press the MENU/TUNE knob to select it:
  • OFF
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Talk
  • Country
  1. Press the BACK button to go
    back to the Tone Settings menu.
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